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Specialty RV Insurance Coverages

There are a number of specialty coverages available, designed to protect you and your property. Specialty RV coverages are what differentiates RV policies from auto policies. Adding your RV to your auto policy is inadequate because it fails to cover many of the things included in a specialty RV policy. For example, most RV insurance provides coverage for awnings, furniture, permanently installed items and fixtures, and plumbing and electrical systems unique to RVs.

Typical RV policies also provide unlimited towing and roadside labor coverage. Auto policy towing coverage is often inadequate for RV expenses. With most auto policies, the towing reimbursement is usually on a per occurrence basis. Because the fees to tow an RV or to change an RV tire are much higher than the same for an auto, these fees often exceed the per occurrence limits on an auto policy.

Another consideration for RV owners is that they get the benefit of specialized claims service when they choose to insure their RVs with specialty RV insurance as opposed to having RVs put on auto policies. The adjusters assigned to claims by insurance companies with specialty RV products usually have expertise with RVs, losses to RVs, and settling the value of the loss. Let’s take a look at some more of these specialty RV coverages available to you.

There are three Fulltimer Coverage’s available:

In addition, you may be able to get coverage for roadside assistance, a utility trailer, a golf cart, or scooter.

Your RV insurance can and should fit your RV. To get a free RV insurance quote with absolutely no obligation, I recommend Explorer RV Insurance Agency, Inc. you can call 1-888-774-6778.

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