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Awning roll-out

  1. Release the travel locks on both awning arms.
  2. Switch the ratchet mechanism to roll out position with the awning rod.
  3. Hook the pull strap with the awning rod and roll out the awning.
  4. Slide the rafters up into position on the awning arms.
  5. Tighten the rafter knobs on both rafters.
  6. Raise the awning to the desired height.

Awning retraction

  1. Lower the awning arms to the rest position.
  2. Loosen the rafters knobs and release the rafter catches.
  3. Slide the rafters down to the rest position.
  4. Grasp the awning to prevent it from rolling up by itself.
  5. Switch the ratchet mechanism to the roll-up position
  6. Control the roll-up with the pull strap and awning rod.
  7. Secure the travel locks and snug up the rafter knobs.

      Practice rolling up your awning on a calm day until you have the procedure memorized. Then do the same thing while blindfolded, with someone spraying a hose in your face. This will simulate a typical emergency storm take-down. Except for the wind, of course. For this simulation you will need three fairly burly guys, all yanking the awning in a different direction at the same time. Once you have gone through the preceding exercise, you will understand why the experienced camper will take down the awning at the first sign of trouble.

      After being rolled up and possibly damp for several months your awning will appreciate a good airing out and a bath with warm water and a mild detergent. Use a car wash type brush to scrub the surface of both the top and the underside. A little WD-40 on the moving parts helps to free up and protect these components. Dry it thoroughly before re-rolling it.

      Lower one end of your open awning to allow rainwater to drain off. Peg down the awning feet when the awning is free standing so that a gust of wind will not flip over the awning. Also, the awning may be straped down with the special awning straps available at your local RV store. If you suspect a strong wind or storm is coming the safest thing to do is roll up the awning.

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