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RV Work Orders

As an RV Tech, I often get work orders that say, "Furnace won't heat", "Fridge doesn't cool", "Water heater not working".

That's like telling your auto mechanic that "My car won't go!"

Valuable time is wasted when a few more details of the problem would eliminate much of the diagnostic time required.. And, with shop rates well over $1.00 per minute, every second adds up!

This webtip is geared to help you when you take your RV in for service work:

It is important to give as much detail as you can so that the service tech can get right to the problem in as little time as possible.

For example:

"Furnace won't heat"

Provide more detail ...

"I turn the thermostat up but nothing happens ..."

This is a very valuable clue and would lead the Tech to first check the power supply and the thermostat itself ...

"I turn the thermostat up, the fan comes on, but no heat ..." ...

Again, a valuable clue - this eliminates the power supply and the thermostat as potential problems. The technician can narrow down the possibilities, without checking the power supply or the thermostat function ... saving time and money!

Always give as much detail as you can to the service writer and insist that the information is included on the work order. You are paying for the technicians time, so any time saved is money NOT out of your pocket.

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