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Replacing RV Siding

This coach was situated right next to a burning building. While it did not catch on fire, the intense heat of the fire caused extensive damage to the rear wall and the street side wall at the rear corner. This pic shows the coach during dis-assembly.

Fiver 1

This is a picture of the rear wall with the siding removed. Most of the styrofoam insulation was melted and shrivelled up. The wood panneling on the inside was warped and discolored which made it neccessary to remove the entire back wall

back wall

This next shot shows the rear wall and part of the sidewall with the metal siding removed.

Siding removed

All of the sidewall siding removed!

a naked sidewall!

New metal on half of the sidewall!

Note that the siding is installed and then the window openings and other cut-outs are made.

Getting dressed!

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