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RV 2 Way Radios

2 way personal communications! - New technology has advanced the usefulness of these devices - now you can keep in touch on your own personal channel up to six miles away. Keep track of the family when hiking, shopping or out on the lake!

We used our personal radios whenever we moved our trailer with the wife following in the car. I could let her know ahead of time when I wanted to pull over, or when I was turning onto a new route etc. Also these radios were very handy when backing up the unit into a campsite.... she could direct me calmly and rationally by radio, without the usual frantic arm waving and screaming ritual that other people employ.

The parking chore was accomplished much easier when the wife would stand where a view of the intended path was visible and only alert me by radio if a collision was imminent. This way I could " do my own thing" without undue stress, and usually things worked out quite well with this method.

We also found that they were very handy if I was out in the boat fishing ... I could be notified immediately when lunch was ready!

Now stay in touch whenever you are separated ... a definate bonus for the RV traveller and a great safety feature.

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