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Flat Rates vrs the RV Technician

... by Les Doll

Flat Rates ... are they fair for the RV tech? ... are they fair for you?

Flat rates job times are established by several agencies ... the factories, the RVDA, the dealers, and others.

Flat rate assumes:

The truth is ... a competant RV tech can and may often beat the established flat rate times.
Is this cheating?
Is the RV tech gouging you?

Hello Customer!

I am a flat rate RV technician!

That means that I am paid by the job, not the actual time I spend on that job ... a set dollar amount for the job and no extra anything!

If your RV is parked 250 feet from my work station, that means I have to walk 250 feet to even assess the problem and another 250 feet return to my tool box. Then back that 250 feet with the neccessary tools to diagnose the problem and then back that 250 feet to check if the parts required are in stock.

If the parts are available, then I walk the walk (250 feet) yet again, to install them and back again (250 feet) to complete the work order.

That is assuming the best possible senario ...

I have walked 1500 extra feet to do the same job that the factory bases my time on. The factory bases the time on how long it takes the average tech to complete the job --- at their work station ... with the parts on hand ... and any and all mauals or information at their figertips.

Now, let's assume that I do 8 of these jobs in a workday. 8 times 1500 feet per job = 12,000 extra feet of foot travel.

Well over 2 miles!

I don't get paid one cent to walk one foot of that distance!

Is that your problem? No, of course not!

You paid your price for that RV and that includes a reasonable amount of after-sale and warranty work ...

The manufacturer calculates a percentage of the sales price to cover warranty repairs ...

The dealer is covered by that warranty ...

The RV Tech walks the walk ... and gets nothing ....

How fair is that!

If you ask me a question, my time spent in answering your question, costs me money.

My time is my only commodity.

I need that time to pay my mortgage, pay for my groceries, and pay for my daily expenses.

Just like you!

My schooling and my experience are hard gained and well earned ...

Just like yours are!

I would like to discuss the daily weather or the best fishing spots this week with you ... but I also need to pay my bills.

Just like you!

Les Doll

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