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RV Dry Rot

What is it? What can I do about RV dry rot?

Question: There seems to be a separation between my metal siding and the molding that covers the edge. What causes this and how can I fix it?

Advanced dry rot

The problems with the metal siding and moldings separating is usually caused by dry rot from moisture seeping in from a defect in the seal somewhere. Dry rot is a term used to describe the effects of a fungus that attacks and deteriorates wood in the presence of moisture. If you want more information on dry rot just do a Google search with the term "dry rot" and you will get many returns.

The wood deteriorates until it can not hold a screw firmly or the screw itself rusts away until it no longer has a grip in the wood framing. The picture shows an extreme case where the wood is totally gone.

In a less severe case longer screws can be used to reach firmer wood if there is any, for a temporary repair, but is only a stop-gap measure. It would be very hard for me to suggest a method of repair without actually seeing the unit, and often the unit has to be disassembled to even see what is required. This type of repair can get very involved and is way beyond the maintenance stage.

Rot Repair Video - patching a small area. 

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