Lowering the Axles - raising the trailer

This procedure is erroneously referred to as "flipping the axles".
The axles are not inverted or flipped over, but are re-positioned from over to under the springs. This will lift the trailer about 4 to 5 inches

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 The trailer is jacked up and placed on jack stands. This allows the axles to hang freely so that the work can proceed.

Proper equipment is an absolute must!

 This is the original configuration of the axles. The springs are mounted below the axle tubes. The project is to raise the trailer by re-positioning the axles so that the springs are located over the axle tubes thus raising the trailer by 3 to 4 inches..  
   Wheels removed, ready to go!
Bolts removed, axle is ready to be dropped.  
   Axle is on the floor! The bushings will be replaced as they are well worn. Also, all the suspension bolts are worn and will be replaced at this time.
 The new bushing is being driven in, forcing the worn bushing out the left side.  
   The axle assembly is placed on sawhorses for easier access. These nuts are rusted beyond easy removal and the u-bolts will be cut using a cutting torch to save time.
 The stripped axle with the mounting plate and spring removed. The axle is then flipped over to enable the new saddles to be installed. This new saddle is ready to be welded into place. An experienced and certified welder should be the only one to perform this operation, they know what they are doing!  
   This shows the spring installed on the new saddle, the plate installed over the spring and new u-bolts installed to hold everything in place. (Follow the manufacturers guidelines for torque specifications) Note the new bushing being inserted in the ends of the spring.
 The axle re-installed on the trailer. The axle tube is now underneath the spring but it is in the same relative position as it was originally.  
   The end result ! This trailer has been lifted about 5 inches with this procedure and the suspension system has had a much needed overhaul.
A wheel alignment is recommended after this suspension modification.

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