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Tips to Enjoy Your Travel Trailer by Guy Scott

One of the rewards of RVs and travel trailers is that you can take your domicile with you as you travel as a substitute of staying in a string of hotels. Even so, you will have to arrange a site to park your Travel Trailer although frequently that will be in a campground. So here are some RV camping guidelines that you will need to know to be able to enjoy camping as you go, and here they are:

Probably the best investment that you can make for RV travel is to buy one or both of the major campground directories and use them often to map out your overnight stays in advance. It's a good idea to make your camping reservations in advance just to be sure that you have a place waiting for you when you arrive, and both Woodall's and the Trailer Life directories have many of campgrounds listed that you can select from. Quite a few are not repeated in both books, so it may be very beneficial to have them both if you are on the road quite a lot.

If you not previously acquainted with a particular campground, it can be a good suggestion to only arrange a one night stay. Even if you plan to be in the area for awhile. The one night stay will help you come to a conclusion if this campground is a good fit for you. Many RVers have bought multi-night packages to save money only to discover that the campground was not what they had originally hoped. So just making a one night reservation lets you familiarize yourself with your camp site and if all is well you can always get a multi-night package afterward. If the accommodations are not up to scratch, then you can just look elsewhere for the second night.

You in fact should have a membership to the Good Sam Club for many of reasons, but one of the big ones is that a membership in their club can get you 10% off on overnight fees at a large amount campgrounds across the country. This basically means that you would be staying free for every 10th night or so and if you travel often that can add up to rather a bit of money.

For those that are over 62 and like to visit our country's national parks, you can get a Senior Pass that costs only $80 for processing and will entitle the carrier to free entry to any national park across the country for life. It also gets you 50% off on all usage fees if you decide to stay overnight. Again, if you like to visit the national parks this can result in considerable savings over time.

Using these travel trailer camping ideas can help you save money and time and help you focus on the reason that you really want to do, enjoy yourself as you travel this great nation.

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About the Author

Guy Scott is a Photographer and entrepreneur that is currently traveling the country by truck.

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