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RV Faucet Clogs

One common problem that often comes up is that a faucet will not deliver its normal water flow while all the others are normal.

RV FaucetMost water faucets have a screen to catch the debris that shows up during normal use. This screen captures the larger particles that may come through the water system from a number of sources. Over time this screen will become clogged and will not allow a normal flow or stop the flow entirely.

If you find that this may be your problem, there is a simple, easy solution. Clean the screen! How?

The screen is housed on the very end of the water faucet outlet and this housing can be unscrewed from the spout. Note how all the parts fit together and in what order, as there may be 5 or 6 plastic and rubber parts.

Usually, there is a metal mesh screen and several other parts that function as a flow restriction or spray restriction. You will need to clean all the debris out of these parts and then re-assemble everything back in the correct order and configuration. An old toothbrush is a good tool to use for this.

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