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Flojet RV Waste Water Pump Kit

Finally put an End to Dump Station Line-ups!

Flojet Waste Water Pump Kit


  I bought and use the Flo-Jet waste water pump kit and I LOVE IT! No more waiting at the dump station or paying fees to dump or finding an open dump station. I simply connect the portable pump, run a small diameter hose to my homes sewer clean out and press a button. Problem solved.

The Flo-Jet waste water pump kit is a breeze to setup - just connect it to your sewer dump outlet (exactly the same way you would hook up your sewer hose), plug in the 12 volt power souce, hook up the 5/8 inch dump hose and press the remote control button. This amazing device chops up the waste into 1/8th inch particles and pumps it up to 50 feet away, even uphill! (My sewer cleanout is 75 feet away - no problem encountered). Tanks are emptied within minutes and there is a fresh water attachment to flush the tanks after dumping. Perfect! 

Webmaster note: After storing the pump for some time the impeller seems to tend to freeze up. I solved this problem by adding a small amount of cooking oil into the business end after every use.

The discharge hose is a 5/8th inch garden hose available anywhere. Everything fits into the handy carrying case and stows away neatly. If you are boondocking at a remote location with no facilities, the Flojet will macerate and pump the content up into a portable holding tank in your tow vehicle. No lifting of a heavy tank, no muss, no fuss.

Introducing the Flojet 12 volt sewage pump

Empty holding tanks through a garden hose into a portable tank, toilet, sewer clean-out port or septic tank.

Portable macerator pump connects directly to RV waste outlet. Lets you dump over longer distances and uphill. Flushing inlet-valve lets you back-flush tanks. Hand-held remote on/off switch with 6' cord. 12-volt pump features run-dry protection. Easy clean-up and storage in plastic carry case.

A few customer comments:


Flo-Jet waste water pump kit

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