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Buying a Used Dealer RV

Buying a Peace of Mind


You may be considering upgrading to a bigger or motorized unit. Or, you may be considering trading in your unit for something smaller and light weight. Whatever your choice may be, buying a new or pre-owned unit is a daunting task. Unless you are a tradesperson or self-proclaimed handy man/woman, you are taking a big risk buying a RV privately. After you have made your choice on the size, model, and price tag, it is time for an eye examination.

Prior to completing the sale, you can be assured the RV dealer has performed a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) on your unit. The inspection is based on a pass/fail system. An experienced RV Service Technician is assigned to test each component and search for any leaks or damages. This inspection is performed regardless of the age of the unit. Once a unit is given a pass by the technician, you, the new owner, will be given a walk through on your new RV. Prior to your walk through, you should familiarize yourself with the PDI list, prepare questions for the technician, and train your eyesfor detail.

If you are not detail-oriented, not to worry.The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada, with a membership base of over 400 dealers across Canada, has a Pre-Owned Certified Inspection Program in place. This program gives participating dealers a standardized safety inspection check list to work with and gives validation to the condition of the RV as verified by a licensed RV technician holding a valid journeyperson’s certificate, if mandated provincially, or one who has at least 5 years experience and participates in ongoing continued education, before the sale is completed. In order for the RV to be rendered certified, the pre-owned RV cannot fail any point of the inspection. A successful inspection means that the pre-owned RV is road ready, reliable and safe and be given a seal of approval.

Only a vehicle inspected by an RVDA dealer member can receive a RVDA seal and certification. A professional RV dealership has strict operating guidelines and must adhere to the RVDA code of ethics in order to maintain its membership.

Before your next purchase, ask your RV dealer about the RVDA Pre-Owned Certified Inspection Program.

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