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Buying An RV That Matches Your Desired RV Lifestyle

By Kent Larue

When looking at the market to purchase an RV, you need to consider what the intended lifestyle that you'd like to pursue will be. This is one of the primary considerations when surveying the potentially confusing and vast market of RV's. What looks good on the dealer lot may not match the intended use you had in mind. Let's consider a few key points in assisting you in picking out the RV that's right for you.

For those who want a close to nature experience and dream of wandering back roads and primitive camping areas, the best choice would be either a tent trailer especially if tent camping is your style. Better than tent camping, a tent trailer affords you some of the luxuries and conveniences of having an RV, but with the tent camping experience with its fabric walls and plentiful screens.

If you want to wander into primitive areas where weather could be harsh, a truck camper would probably fit the bill. Much more heavy duty than a tent trailer with its hard side walls, a truck camper can go anywhere a truck can drive, and if that means you have a four wheel drive truck, your options are many. Finding that elusive pristine lake out in the mountains and camping alongside it in full luxury is indeed a potent vision.

For those who want to do a lot of driving and want a relatively easy to drive and maneuver rig, a van camper would be a great choice. Camper vans are great in that they can be easily stored in the driveway and many can fit into the standard garage. There are others on the market that can be purchased with four wheel drive thus serving the same purpose as a truck camper. Some have a pop up roof making them fairly compact, while others can be had with full standup fiberglass raised roofs.

If a person has an adequate tow vehicle available, a smaller trailer or 5th wheel would be a wise purchase as the cost of entry to an RV is much lower than buying a motorized RV. Keep in mind there are many smaller 5th wheels and travel trailers on the market that can towed with smaller cars and smaller SUV's if one wants to get something easy to run around with. Following the above guidelines as to the terrain one wants to travel and camp in will dictate as to the length desired. In general the smaller rigs can fit in and maneuver in more primitive areas that larger rigs can only dream of visiting.

For those that want an RV that approximates having a home on wheels, a travel trailer, 5th wheel trailer or motorhome would be an appropriate choice. If one is considering full-timing versus vacationing, the choices are narrowed somewhat. The best choices for full-timing would be the larger trailers or motorhomes. Remember that a vacation is temporary, whereas those pursuing RV'ing full time have different needs as the rig needs to function as a home. You can put up with a cramped rig with a not so great floor plan on a shorter vacation, but over time the deficiencies will wear on the occupants.

We hope these preliminary thoughts have helped you towards getting on the road towards adventure. Whatever choice you make, there is nothing quite like Rv'ing as a way to see and experience this beautiful country of ours.

Kent has been living and breathing RV's for most of his adult life. To him Rv's are his fulltime chosen home. In his not so humble opinion, if it doesn't have wheels or it doesn't float it's not fit to live in.

Come visit his latest RV website over at which helps demystify the process of renting RV's, and assist you in picking out an rv for rent for your next epic trip or vacation.

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