Dummy's Guide to RV Wiring

Wiring the 7 pole RV Tow Vehicle Socket

There are two wiring codes for different 7 pole plug sets.

Most RV's use the RV wiring code for the type of plug/socket that has 6 flat contacts surrounding the center round pin.

Semi's and other commercial trailers use the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) type of 7-pole plug set. This plug has 6 round contacts surrounding the center pin.The wiring color code for this plug is not the same as the RV 7 pole plug described below, and will be included at a future time.

7 pole RV plug/socket.
# Wire Color Function Location - Truck socket Location Trailer plug
1 White Ground 7:00 o'clock 5:00 o'clock
2 Blue Brakes 5:00 o'clock 7:00 o'clock
3 Green Running 10:00 o'clock 2:00 o'clock
4 Black Power 2:00 o'clock 10:00 o'clock
5 Red LT & Stop 9:00 o'clock 3:00 o'clock
6 Brown RT & Stop 3:00 o'clock 9:00 o'clock
7 Yellow Aux or BU Center Center

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