Sept, 2002

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Painless RV Winterizing      Les Doll
Step 1. Locate the fresh water tank drain valve or plug &
drain the water.
Step 2. Locate the water heater drain plug and remove it to
drain the water heater tank.
Step 3. Bypass the water heater.
Step 4. Locate the water pump, disconnect the inlet fitting,
install the winterizing hose and insert the other end into
the jug of antifreeze.
Step 5. Turn on the water pump and open the taps, one by one
until the antifreeze appears. Do the hot and cold taps at
every sink or shower faucet . don't forget the toilet or the
outside shower if you have one!
Step 6. IMPORTANT! - Make sure to relieve the water system
pressure before proceeding! Turn off the water pump and
de-pressurize the system by opening a cold water tap. At the
city water connection, pry out the screen and washer, and
press in on the valve stem until the antifreeze runs out.
Step 7. Pour about a cupful of antifreeze into every drain
to displace the water and protect the trap. Finally, dump
the holding tanks and pour a pint or so of antifreeze
directly through the toilet and the shower drain to protect
the dump valves. That's it!
For an on-line guide with pictures, see my page at:

Enhancing your RV Getaway!    by Peggi McDonald
Life in the RV Lane can be a real whirlwind where you run
from here  to there or as laid back as you want it to be.
However finding a place  to visit when you arrive in an
unfamiliar area can become a real  challenge trying to
discover what's 'happening'. During our stay  near 'Mickey
Mouse Land' in Disneyland in Orlando, Florida this  past
winter we had to look real hard to find fun things to do
other  than the expensive attractions and theme parks.  When
you're only  in an area for a few days your search can
becomes even more trying.
 A few suggestions we follow to gain maximum enjoyment from
our stopovers.
          First we ask the park office for an on-site
activity listing and  what can they recommend we should see
in the area.
         Next we check with our neighbours.  Sometimes the
seasonal  RVers are a preferred source of info especially if
we are looking for less  expensive enticement.
         RVers on the move may have recently stopped at a
nearby  attraction or two en route. Don't hesitate to ask
them for their favourite  stops, RVers love to share info.
         We find the most accurate information comes from
Tourist  Bureaus and Chamber of Commerce Centres.
(Provincial and state  phone numbers plus webpages are
listed on the RV WebLink page of  www.rvliving.net). RVers
who plan to spend time in a particular province  or state
should order the Travel Guides for that area before
beginning an  adventure.
For Example --- When our 12-year old niece Kayla travelled
from British  Columbia to Ontario with us last summer we
asked her to find places to  visit on the way.  Kayla and
her mom searched the travel guides and  found some neat
stops John and I had never seen such as a covered  wagon
ride through a Manitoba desert near Brandon or a swim in the
 hot spa waters at Revelstoke, BC. We also visited a ghost
town between  Calgary and Edmonton en route to the fantastic
West Edmonton Mall.   Some of these places were more
memorable than others but they each  added one more
dimension to our adventure.
         John and I included a few more of our choice
destinations along  the way based on our previous trip
experience.  At several places we  added rewarding
unforeseen circumstances to our initial plans. For instance
in Winnipeg my girlfriend Fern, from my military basic
training days, was  a foster mother to a 12 year old and her
younger sister.  Kayla and Theresa  (the 12 year old) had an
absolute ball; Kayla really appreciated having  someone her
own age to socialize with. Our 'girl's day out' at a museum
and then the afternoon at Chucky Cheeses was most enjoyable.
Seeing  the obvious delight the girls were having was
rewarding plus it gave Fern  and I a perfect opportunity to
catch up on what had happened over the  past year.  John
stayed behind to catch up on some routine maintenance.
         This trip proved that RV Travels are enhanced if
you include visits  with family/friends along the way.  Just
south of Calgary we combined a  laneway camping stop with a
very creative friend Marcy and her family.   This was a
wonderful opportunity to teach Kayla how to create crafty
gifts  for her family and friends back home --- a
much-needed diversion from  all the adults at the house.
         With pre-planning it may be possible to coincide a
getaway with  local festivals or flea markets and/or
attractions in a specific area.
         Those who stop at large campgrounds that feature
weekly hayrides,  nature walks, bingos or craft days,
horseshoe or shuffleboard tournaments,  periodic dances or
evening entertainment can add yet one more dimension  to
their travels. Many of these activities are low-cost or
no-cost for campers.  Some parks routinely offer a craft
sharing session where everyone brings  their favourite
project to teach others; it may also include learning a new
craft for a small fee designed for kids of all ages.
         Both male and female RVers participate in
knitting, crocheting,  quilting, and woodcarving projects.
They are interesting hobbies that fill  some quiet hours.
They are great diversions for inside or outside of the unit.
 Of course relaxing in a campsite provides a perfect
opportunity to catch up  on overdue reading.
         Working at a project on the picnic table is a
super way to meet other  RVers.  Those strolling the park
will frequently stop to say Hi or simply to see  what you
are doing.  When a male RVer wants to meet his neighbours
all he  has to do is to open the hood of the tow vehicle or
the motorhome and within  minutes several male neighbours
will be over see if they can help---sorry guys  but it's
just a 'man' thing.  Polishing your unit works the same way.
When women  are travelling alone, raising the hood is even
more of a magnet to get to meet your  neighbours.
         Lawn games such as ring toss or board games like
monopoly or puzzles  (complete with an edged board that can
travel on the bed) are lightweight and don't  take up much
storage space. Playing games or cards under the awning or
socializing  around the bonfire adds a finale to the
         At larger resort style parks, on-site amenities
may include a video game  room for the kids and billiard
table(s) or dart board(s) for the adult children. A heated
swimming pool/hot tub, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts,
mini golf etc only add to the fun.
         Electronic toys like game boys, DVD players and
similar amusements help  to break up a long drive for kids
of all ages. Self designed diversions such as spotting  the
most 'visiting licence plates en route' or a game of 'I spy'
or even a 'sing-a-long'  add an appreciated dimension to the
trip as well.
 Other extras that can enhance a trip include a small
vehicle for touring.  If your RV is  a towable you already
have a touring vehicle but if your unit is a motorhome
having  access to a tow car promotes an extra plus.  John
and I did not tow a vehicle for the  first eight months of
our travels.  We had set aside a substantial rental
car/towing  budget and didn't feel we needed a car---in
reality we were actually afraid to tow.   Not until we
arrived at a beautiful state park in Oregon where the
closest store was  simply too many miles away to bike did we
realize what we were missing.  We also  had just assembled a
new add-a-room attached to our motorhome awning so to become
 mobile it meant a lot of packing up. However when our
'newest best friend' neighbours  offered to take us
spelunking (cave exploring) in the Oregon Mountains we
jumped at  the chance.  That was 17 years ago and it is
still one of our most memorable side trips  we've ever
experienced.  Even if our motorhome had been moveable it
never would have  traversed the hilly road to these
fantastic caverns.  This incident was the determining
situation that made us realize we NEEDED a tow vehicle.  We
also discovered it was  no big deal to tow.
 Our car is now our perfect getaway machine --- when we
stop, we simply unhook  and explore the surrounding area by
car.  The number of neat events we accidentally  have ran
across over the years while exploring in our 'toed' (tow
car) is overwhelming.   Having touring wheels other than
your unit definitely adds to an RV getaway.
 The final way to enhance an RV adventure is for each of you
to claim your own space  within the RV, no matter how small
or large your unit is.  In our first RV I used the living
room foldaway table (we had no dinette) and in follow-up
RV's we modified the dining  table to become my
computer/work station.  John claimed the bedroom as his Rec
room in our Kruisin' Kastle #1 and in our Kastle #2 and #3
it was his turn to use the  foldaway tables in the living
room and/or the bedroom. Following the modifications  we
made this spring he now has his own workstation and a
special place to watch  TV in the living room.  On this unit
our bedroom TV is only used early in the morning  or late at
night.  Your individual space may be as small as the
folding-table and a  separate storage area or it could be
the upper bunk in a small unit or a desk/table  set within
the slide in the bedroom of a fifth wheel or, or, or.  It
doesn't matter where  it is so long as you have a spot to
call your own --- with a place to work at your  leisure and
to keep your stuff in a separate area.
       Have fun and enjoy you journey.
Peggi and John McDonald have lived on wheels fulltime RVers
for the past 17 years.  Their very informative website of
www.rvliving.net is the Information site for International
RVers plus it has mega tips and hints for all RVers from
Newbies to Part-timers to  Fulltimers too. Peggi is the
author of the best selling how-to publication 'Spirit of the
 Open Road' and two free ebooks 'RV Living--- Facts Tips
Hints and More: Vol One  and Two. (See links on RVers Corner
for all these publications)

Thanks to all who responded with your emails in support of
John and Sylvia's Paraiso Park development. Here is a bit
more about them ...
"Paraiso" pronounced pair e so is Spanish for Paradise, the
name effectively  describes the motif of the pleasure ground
and the feeling of utopia produced  by the exhilarating
Jim & Sylvia are in their early 40's, they have 2 boys Aaron
16 Daniel 13  who are both so excited about the entire
development and can't wait to host  guests to the new
development.  The family spent five years researching the
Tourism / RV camping industry, and have a firm belief they
have learned what  people want and expect from a quality
The piece of property they finally chose for Paraiso Point
Resort is very  private and secluded yet has an incredible
180o panoramic view over Okanagan  Lake in Vernon B.C.
They have hiked the property with their boys for ten years
during this time  they developed a true deep passion for it
and when it was offered for sale  they were concerned it
would be purchased for an upper end housing development  as
so many fine pieces of view property often are.  With this
in mind they set  out to preserve the property and develop
something unique that they could share  with friends and
guests throughout the world.
The central campfire site will be surrounded by sculptures
resembling a giant  circle of friends, this will be
gathering place for guests to Paraiso.  The 12  to 15 foot
high sculptures will be created from pink granite stones the
size  of a large SUV vehicle that are located on the
property.  Each sculpture will  be unique yet resemble the
"stone heads" on Easter Island.
In addition the resort will be working closely with 30
independent adventure  tourism operators who will offer
excursions such as boating, rafting, mountain  biking,
shopping, fly fishing and much much more.  The onsite
swimming pool fed  by a natural rock waterfall will provide
the opportunity to cool off or just sit  and relax with a
cool refreshment while gazing out over the lake.
In addition their plans will enhance the abundance of beauty
that resides on the  25 acre property by introducing more
native flowers, trees and shrubs, while the  RV sites will
be strategically located between the existing tall trees in
an  effort to preserve the established growth.
They are awaiting the approval from Vernon City Council that
will permit the  rezoning of the property so they can begin
construction of their dream.
If all goes well they plan to be open for business in the
spring 2003.
If anyone has any questions feel free to contact Jim or
Sylvia Mennear  @ 250-549-4341 or paraisopoint@shaw.ca

Joke of the Day:
The Worst (or Best) Country-western Song Titles Of The Year
1. Get Your Biscuits In The Oven, And Your Buns Into Bed  2.
Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth, 'Cause I'm Kissing You
Goodbye  3. How Can I Miss You, If You Won't Go Away?  4. I
Don't Know Whether To Kill Myself Or Go Bowling  5. I Keep
Forgettin', I Forgot About You  6. I Liked You Better,
Before I Knew You So Well  7. I Still Miss You Baby, But My
Aims Gettin' Better  8. I Wouldn't Take Her To A Dog Fight,
Cause I'm Afraid She'd Win  9. I'm So Miserable Without You,
It's Like Having You Here  10. If I Had Shot You When I
Wanted To, I'd Be Out By Now  11. Mama, Get A Hammer
(There's A Fly On Papa's Head)  12. My Wife Ran Off With My
Best Friend, and I Sure Do Miss Him  13. Please Bypass this
Heart  14. She Got The Ring and I Got The Finger  15. You're
the Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly


SPIRIT OF THE OPEN ROAD by Peggi McDonald is a 'must have'
for all RVers, both novice and experienced travelers. 
Although written from a Canadian point of view it is 95%
generic and a valuable guide to RVers from all countries. 
For complete details -

  !!! HAPPY CAMPIN' !!!

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