October, 2002

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 - More on winterizing ... by Les Doll  - Towing "four down"
... by Les Doll  - Ositech PC Cards    by Peggi McDonald  -
 Fear Reduces
Productivity   by Don Wetmore  - RV Glossary - terms and
phrases used by RV'ers  - Trust My Mechanic ... by Austin C.
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More on winterizing ... by Les Doll
  Winterizing the ice maker This is cut & pasted from the
Dometic manual ...
Follow these Steps:  1. Shut off water supply valve to ice
maker.  2. Place a shallow pan under water solenoid valve.
3. Remove inlet fitting to ice maker water solenoid valve.
Drain water from the supply line.  4. Remove the plastic nut
and water line from outlet side of water solenoid valve.
Drain water from the line.  5. Cycle ice maker several times
while blowing compressed air through water solenoid valve.
Be sure all water is out of the solenoid. NOTE: Up to 40
PSIG air pressure can be used to clear the valve.  6.
Reconnect and tighten lines on water solenoid valve. Leave
the water supply turned off until temperatures are above
32F/0C.  7. Dry out ice maker mold assembly with soft
cloth. Place bail arm in UP/OFF position.
Winterizing the washer/dryer combo:
Set the water temperature control to warm - this will fill
both the cold and the hot lines with antifreeze.  Turn on
the unit and run about a gallon of antifreeze into the unit.
 Turn the control to spin - this will allow the pump to run
the antifreeze through itself and then through the drain
hose.  Pour a cup down the drain to be sure that the "p"
trap is filled with antifreeze
For an on-line winterizing guide with pictures, see my page
at: http://www.rverscorner.com/painless.html


Towing "Four Down"
Towing a vehicle (it's called a "toad")
A "toad" is an RV'ers term referring to a vehicle that is
towed behind a motor home.
Some vehicles can be towed without any modifications -
others cannot be towed at all,  or at least without
extensive alterations.

Fear Reduces Productivity
Running from the things you fear reduces your productivity.
It keeps you  from doing the productive things you know you
ought to be doing. Fear  has stronger legs than yours and
will chase you as long as you run.
To overcome your fears, confront them, get knowledge, and
take action.
For example, do you have a fear of public speaking? Confront
it; decide  you will not run from this anymore. Gain
knowledge; join Toastmasters or  take a Dale Carnegie class
or buy some books on how to get better at  public speaking.
Take action; practice what you are learning and your
confidence increases, your fears subside, and your
productivity is  enhanced.
(If these tips are helpful, forward them to a friend and
invite them to  signup for their own free Timely Time
Management Tips at:  http://www.balancetime.com)
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RV Glossary - terms and phrases used by RV'ers
120 AC/12 DC/LP-gas - The power sources on which RV
refrigerators operate; 120 AC is 120-volt alternating
current (same as in houses); 12 DC is 12-volt direct current
(same as in motor vehicles); LP-gas. Some RV refrigerators
can operate on two of the three sources, others on all
ANODE ROD - an anode rod, when used in a water heater,
attracts corrosion causing products in the water. These
products attack the anode rod instead of the metal tank
itself. The anode rod should be inspected yearly and changed
when it is reduced to about 1/4 of its original size. The
rods are used in steel water heater tanks - an aluminum tank
has an inner layer of anode metal to accomplish the same
thing. Anode rods should not be installed in an aluminum
AXLE RATIO - The ratio between the pinion and ring gears in
the differential that multiply the torque provided by the
engine. It is the number of driveline revolutions required
to turn the axle one time. As an example, with a 4.10:1 axle
the driveline turns 4.1 times for each full axle revolution.
The higher the number, the more torque and thus more towing
power. However, the higher the number also means less speed.
Trust My Mechanic ... by Austin C. Davis
Unnecessary car repairs due to fraud or mis-diagnosis cost
American drivers millions of dollars every year. We have all
seen numerous television shows investigating fraud in the
auto repair industry. It probably affects everyone at one
point in their lives, but it is easy to reduce the chances
of it happening to you. There is a simple and basic approach
to what to say and how to say it to the service writer that
will get you maximum benefit and protection.
If you think that single women are the only ones being
conned then think again! You can get suckered out of $50-200
every time you visit the repair shop. Don't laugh I bet this
is happening to you!
This is not a "how-to" repair manual, but easy-to-read and
easy-to-use valuable information. It is not a big boring
textbook filled with technical jargon either. I am a
tell-it-like-it-is guy and that is how I present information
to you, and above all else it is fun to read.
More? http://hop.clickbank.net/hop.cgi?pac113/mechanic

Joke of the Day:
Lawyer: "Judge, I wish to appeal my client's case on the
basis of newly discovered evidence."  Judge: "And what is
the nature of the new evidence?"  Lawyer: "Judge, I
discovered that my client still has $500 left."
Notable Quotes:
"A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's written on"
Samuel Goldwyn.
"The length of a film should be directly related to the
endurance of the human bladder."  Alfred Hitchcock.
"Television has brought back murder into the home -- where
it belongs."  Alfred Hitchcock.
"USA Today has come out with a new survey: Apparently three
out of four people make up 75 percent of the population."
David Letterman.
"I cannot sing, dance or act; what else would I be but a
talk show host."  David Letterman.
"If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching
television by candlelight."  George Gobal.


  !!! HAPPY CAMPIN' !!!

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