June, 2001


Hi folks,

Just two days ago was the first day of summer! Yahoo, Camping time's a'comin!

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- RVing is a ticket to the Good Life By Peggi McDonald
- Defeating Delays By: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
- Backup Mysteries Revealed, Part 1 The NewbieClub

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From the RVers Open Forum:


Had the Norcold cooling on gas for 3-4 days. Got it switched over to elect
(120) and then when we were going on the trip went back to gas. No cold.
Any suggestions on diagnostics? Cools fine on 110 with generator but
don't want to run that all the time.


If your fridge was cooling fine on gas and 110 volt, then your
cooling unit is functioning okay.

Since you are having problems now on gas, something has happened
to that system.

Most of the time it is soot falling into the burner area from the
flue above. Open the burner covering and blow out the burner and
the flue with compressed air. If you are at an area with no access
to compressed air, blow through a drinking straw to clear the burner.

If this doesn't work, give us more info ... model number, does it go
into check mode, etc.

Happy trails,

Les Doll

This is what our forum is all about ... rv'ers helping other rv'ers!

From the RVer's Corner Inbox:


Hi Les,
If you don't mind answering this question, I would
appreciate it. I have a 24.5 ft Sportsman 5th wheel. 1999. Bearings were
greased 8/2000.
Do you have any rule-of -thumb about how often the wheel
bearings should be greased? If the trailer sits for 6 months, without moving, does that
make it worse?



Hi Paul,

You will get many differing opinions on this question!
I personally repack my bearings once per year. These bearings are
subject to inactivity which will promote moisture condensation
over time. Doing them annually also lets me inspect the brakes
and suspension components. Peace of mind is worth the extra cost
and effort.

Hope this answers your question!

Happy trails,
Les Doll


RVing is a ticket to the Good Life by Peggi McDonald

The love to wander aimlessly is second nature to many of us. Seasoned RVers travel for the pure
curiosity of the journey and search for adventure, not for any need to escape. The excitement of finding an
unrivalled treasure during your latest excursion, or speculating what lays in wait around the next corner is
what keeps the mystic of RVing alive. Families take up RVing to enjoy uncluttered togetherness---in most
places the family pet is welcome too. However the biggest draw to travelling by RV is becoming one with
the natural beauty and wonders of nature.

There are as many methods to RV as there are exciting places to visit. The type, size and shape of
your moving home is a personal choice, any model from a fold-down trailer (pop-up) to a luxury trailer, fifth
wheel or motorhome can become your RV freedom machine. Where to explore is also a very individual
decision. Some RVers prefer to leave home with no destination in mind, frequently their plans change on the
recommendation of a neighbour or friend. As 'free spirits' -- some of these travellers enjoy the non-
restrictive nature of boon docking (camping without hook-ups) in some idyllic place. Others are much like
John and I who prefer to ramble on a schedule with a planned itinerary and reservations at one of the
numerous private parks, membership campgrounds, national, state or provincial parks. As fulltimers we
want all the comforts of home, but we love to change front yards on a whim.

If your RV getaway encompasses an extended time frame, why not escape the hurried path from A
to B...move to the secondary roads and begin the adventure of RVing in the slow lane. En route to your
destination, peruse the wonders of a forgotten community, scrutinize local museums, shop in nearby
boutiques and outlet malls or lounge on the beaches. Visit a bird sanctuary or traverse the hiking trails of
National Monuments. Top your day off with a selection of regional delicacies from the most popular eateries
in town.

When teens are part of your excursions ask them to become involved in your plans. This month we
have a 12-year-old niece flying into Kelowna, BC to join us for a trip back to Ontario (central Canada). We
welcome her presence but it was Kayla’s task to find interesting places to visit so this 1700-mile trip can
become her trip of a lifetime. We provided the general path and our proposed stops, and she filled in the
blanks. John and I have been over this route many times but she found places we didn’t know existed. Of
course interesting things like Science Centers, the West Edmonton Mall, and Drumheller Dinosaur museum
were a given but she also found the Em-Te ghost town just south of Edmonton in Adler Flats where she can
go for a trail ride as well as explore a town of yesteryear. Our first night east we will stay at a mineral spa
combined with a campground near Revelstoke so we can all relish the soothing feeling of a mineral bath. At
Revelstoke Kayla may even be able to add a trail ride by horseback into her schedule. In her research she
also discovered a covered wagon ride in a Manitoba ‘desert’. Our stops at Regina, Winnipeg and Sudbury
also include interesting diversions.

While exploring Canada, don’t miss the unique Underground Tunnels in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
or the unbelievable International Peace Gardens on the border of Manitoba and North Dakota or the
picturesque drive through the Gaspe in eastern Quebec. Whether nature shows off acres of boulders stacked
like intricately carved monuments in Arizona, or you're driving among the immense redwoods of California,
or the tropical atmosphere of Texas and wonders of Florida...the rewards throughout North America are
simply awesome. Ride an airboat through the Everglades and wetlands of Florida, sun yourself on
spectacular beaches or trek among the ruins of an ancient community in Mexico -- until you witness these
one-of-a-kind sites for yourself you can’t believe what’s around the next bend. Leisurely ambling along
colourful routes between destinations adds to the adventure...at almost every turn another treasure is

Those who travel the slow route soon discover as they change destinations, the seasons last longer.
Snowbird RVers returning from extended winter excursions drive past endless blankets of multi-coloured
wild flowers lining the highways. Each spring, the season seems to last for weeks if RVers slowly migrate
north. In the fall, a mesmerizing collage of trees dressed in vibrant reds and oranges line their route south.
When you take an unplanned turn don’t despair, make this delay part of your newest adventure.

One favourite comment we hear from many RVers..."We have time to do anything our hearts desire
and all day to do it in. Unfortunately the sun sets before we get most of it done". An RV getaway is a
perfect time to peruse that long forgotten hobby, go birding, or fish for a trophy trout from the stream
snaking behind your RV. Relax with a refreshing swim, snooze in a lawn chair, or simply bury yourself in a
good book before exploring your latest discovery. Feeling energetic? Take a casual stroll, a hike or a long
bike ride. If the lure of winning beckons, challenge your neighbour to a game of tennis, bocce ball,
shuffleboard, a round of golf or enter the parks billiard tournament.

Event calendars at full service resorts include numerous healthy exercise programs -- however
square, round and line dancing lessons top the list of activities in many Sunbelt parks. Weekly on-site dances
provide ample time to practice. Choices for each day's accomplishments are as extensive as your

Travelling by RV adds an appealing edge to exploring new places. Stopovers can be as versatile as
you wish them to be. We recently spent one and a half months driveway parking with Les and Linda from
this website in Kamloops, BC. Since we were in the area we attended an RV rally in Burnaby near
Vancouver…that stay was extended one day longer so RV friends could guide us around the captivating
Granville Island. Next stop we visited RV friends in Whistler, again in their driveway. Two days later they
were on their way to Alaska. We are now at the outstanding Holiday Park Resort in Winfield near Kelowna
in the heart of the fertile Okanagan Valley. Two days ago we visited RV buddies from Ontario who now
call BC home. John and I are in British Columbia to present seminars at the RV Owners Lifestyle School at
the Okanagan University in Kelowna 23-26 June. Without an RV our life could be quite boring.
Each of the above visits was planned but one of the most enjoyable pleasures of RVing is
unexpectedly crossing paths with travelling friends. Recently an old chum from Arizona unexpectedly pulled
into an adjoining site. Driving past a motorhome in another campground, neighbours from the previous year
in Texas recognized our car and popped in for a visit. Last winter, long time friends from a resort in Mexico
arrived at Rockport, Texas the day we did...we culminated this reunion with a tasty meal at a local

While in New Mexico, a newsletter editor from a chapter we belong to, left a message on our voice
mail service requesting I fax her my submission. Their park was a mere 20 miles down the road, so we
delivered the Fax in person while enjoying one more heart-rendering visit. Many retirees have family
scattered across the continent. RVing grandparents enjoy their visits more when their house travels with
them. Quiet time in an RV is a tranquil way to relax away from the excitement. North America is vast, but
when travelling by RV it is actually very small.
With a little planning, RVers can continue to enjoy spectacular travels throughout North America.
If the gas crunch defers a trip 'down south' for a bit, why not explore the ‘back yard’ joys of your home area.
Don’t wait, buy an RV now, big or small--new or old, it doesn’t matter. Simply get out and enjoy yourself.
In the meantime, “Catch the Spirit”

Peggi and John McDonald are RV Lifestyle Consultants who understand the idiosyncrasies of RV
Living. Log onto their Website http://www.rvliving.net for Information directed to the International RVer.
Peggi's book SPIRIT OF THE OPEN ROAD is packed with tips and hints beneficial to all RVers. See
http://www.rverscorner.com/sipirit.html for details.


Defeating Delays By: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

We all encounter delays that keep us from doing what we planned to do.
Life is often what happens to you along the way when you are planning otherwise.

We can be delayed in traffic, waiting for the dentist, in an airport,
or in a line at the bank or elsewhere. You cannot always control what happens
to you out there, but you can exercise control over how it will impact you.
You do not have to let delays defeat you.

I offer you six tips to defeat those delays.

Don’t get frazzled. A lot of people use their delay time for being crazy.
Look around when you are delayed and see how others are reacting. They may be
screaming, hitting the steering wheel, and flailing about. They are fulfilling
their crazy time. When your flight is delayed or you are stuck in traffic, the
delay is upon you and there is little you can do about. There is much you can
do to avoid being caught up in a similar delay in the future, but for now, when
you are delayed, you are delayed. Your being upset about it, telling yourself
that this should not be happening, only makes a bad situation worse. You are
not only delayed but are unhappy too. Your unhappiness will not make the
delay shorter.

Bring important projects with you. Always have stuff with you that
you can work on if you experience an unexpected delay. Perhaps a work project
or two, some business reading, your laptop, or the envelopes for your Christmas
card list. If you get delayed, it gives you the option of making what could be
wasted time, productive time.

Bring an unread book or two. 95% of the books people purchase are
never completed. Why? Because we don’t have the time to read. If your flight
is delayed for three hours, you can read a lot of pages in that book you
purchased but never seemed to have the time to read.

Bring your telephone contact list. Think ahead of where you are going
and ask yourself what telephone numbers would be useful if you were delayed.
Friends? Family? Business associates? Your travel agent? Make sure you have
these telephone numbers with you so when you get delayed, if you can access
a telephone, you give yourself more choices to be productive.

Bring some entertainment. What do you like? Are you into crossword
puzzles? Crafts? Game Boy video games. If you are prepared for it, delay
time can be playtime.

Sit and think. In our hurry-up-world we have little time just to
think about our lives, where we have been, where we are now, and where we
are going. Use delay time to reflect upon your life and celebrate the good
things that are happening and commit to changing what needs to be improved.

You can now take Don Wetmore’s special, internationally acclaimed,
dynamic Time Management Seminar from your own computer! Nine easy and fun
lessons to get more done in less time. Get free information now! Send your
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Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
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Copyright 2001 You may re-print the above information in its entirety
in your publication, newsletter, or on your webpage. For permission,
please email your request for “reprint” to: ctsem@msn.com

Joke of the Day:

President Bush was representing the United States of America on a highly
formal, orchestrated state visit to England.
The President joined Queen Elizabeth II in a beautiful, ornate 17th-century
coach hitched to 6 enormous matched white horses.
The coach proceeded through the streets of London en route to Buckingham
Palace, and the Queen and the President were waving to the cheering throngs.
Then suddenly the right rear horse produced a thunderous fart that
reverberated through the air and rattled the doors of the coach, sending a
horse-shit stemch blowing through the coach.
Uncomfortable, the two powerful figures try to focus their attentions
elsewhere and behave as if nothing extraordinary had happened.
But the Queen realized that ignoring what had just happened would be
ridiculous. She explained: "Mr. President, please accept my regrets - I'm
sure you understand that there are some things that even a Queen cannot
President Bush replied, "No need to be ashamed, your majesty... it's just
gas. But I gotta admit, until you confessed, I thought it was one of the




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SPIRIT OF THE OPEN ROAD by Peggi McDonald is a 'must have'
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Les Doll - RV Technician
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