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- TOWING REGS By: Les Doll
- OK TO SAY "NO" By: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
- Enhancing your RV Getaway! By: Peggi McDonald (part 1)

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Towing Regs, Info and other stuff ... By: Les Doll

There always seems to be confusion on the subject of towing,
whether it be towing a trailer, fifth wheel or a towed
vehicle behind a motorhome.

This article will touch on a few definitions and end with
websites where much more detailed information may be gathered.
Remember that the onus is on the OPERATOR (you) to make sure that
the combined unit that YOU are driving is safe, legal and under

As an RV owner/operator you need to be aware and understand these
terms. (There are only two in this article, and we are only going
to cover the first one in this issue, ... so it's not going
to be that bad! ... stay with us!)

GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating)
GCVWR (gross combined vehicle weight rating)

GVRW is a maximum weight that the manufacturer of your vehicle
has determined that the said vehicle will safely carry. This is
an important figure that has safety, legal and insurance related
implications for every RVer.

Sure, we've all seen a few examples of overloaded vehicles on the
road ... that half ton pickup dragging its bumper with a cab high
load of dirt for the garden in the box ... that mini-van with a
load of furniture stuffed inside and more stuff tied to the roof!
These people are gamblers ... betting on the odds that they will
not be required to make an emergency stop ... betting on the odds
that they will make it to their destination without a breakdown.
Betting on the odds that their legal counsel will be able to
win that negligence lawsuit.

Is that how you want to gamble on you hard-earned vacation time?

Of course not! And that is what we are talking about. GVWR!

It doesn't matter if you are driving a compact car with a tiny
pop-up trailer in tow, or a mega-home with all and everything
stowed in the ample basement compartments. YOU are responsible
for that load and that vehicles safe operation.

The GVWR is the maximum weight that you can legally carry, not
the maximum weight that you can tow. The maximum tow weight
is the GCVWR and will be discussed in the next issue.

OK TO SAY "NO" By: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

One of the most powerful words in your Time Management vocabulary
is the word, "no". And it does not always have to be that word.
For example, it might expressed as, "I don't think I can do that
for you today", "I have so much on my plate now, I'm not sure I
can get to this anytime soon", or "I am not going to be able to
help you on this but I do know someone who can".

I don't need to put the words in your mouth. You use the words
that you are comfortable with. It just seems to me though that
if you can never say "no",then you always saying "yes". And if
you don't stand for something, you may fall for anything.

By: Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

Don Wetmore-Professional Speaker
Productivity Institute
Time Management Seminars
127 Jefferson St.
Stratford, CT 06615
(203) 386-8062 (800) 969-3773
Fax: (203) 386-8064
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Enhancing your RV Getaway! by Peggi McDonald

Life in the RV Lane can be a real whirlwind where you run from
here to there or as laid back as you want it to be. However
finding a place to visit when you arrive in an unfamiliar area
can become a real challenge trying to discover what's 'happening'.
During a recent stay near 'Mickey Mouse Land' in Disneyland in
Orlando, Florida we had to look real hard to find fun things to
do other than the expensive attractions and theme parks. When
you're only in an area for a few days your search can becomes
even more trying.

A few suggestions we follow to gain maximum enjoyment from our

First we ask the park office for an on-site activity listing
and what can they recommend we should see in the area.

Next we check with our neighbors. Sometimes the seasonal
RVers are a preferred source of info especially if you are
looking for less expensive enticements.

RVers on the move may have recently stopped at a nearby
attraction or two en route. Don't hesitate to ask them for
their favorite stops, RVers love to share info.

We find the most accurate information comes from Tourist
Bureaus and Chamber of Commerce Centers. (Provincial and state
phone numbers plus webpages are listed on the RV WebLink page
of www.rvliving.net). RVers who plan to spend time in a
particular province or state should order the Travel Guides
for that area before beginning an adventure.

For Example --- When our 12-year old niece Kayla traveled from
British Columbia to Ontario in our motorhome we asked her to find
places to visit on the way. Kayla and her mom searched the travel
guides and found some neat stops John and I had never seen such
as a covered wagon ride through a Manitoba desert near Brandon
or a swim in the hot spa waters at Revelstoke, BC. We also visited
a ghost town between Calgary and Edmonton en route to the fantastic
West Edmonton Mall. Some of these places were more memorable than
others but they each added one more dimension to our adventure.

John and I included a few more of our choice destinations along
the way based on our previous trip experience. At several places
we added rewarding unforeseen circumstances to our initial plans.
For instance in Winnipeg my girlfriend Fern, from my military basic
training days, was a foster mother to a 12 year old and her younger
sister. Kayla and Theresa (the 12 year old) had an absolute ball;
Kayla really appreciated having someone her own age to socialize
with. Our 'girl's day out' at a museum and then the afternoon at
Chucky Cheeses was most enjoyable. Seeing the obvious delight the
girls were having was rewarding plus it gave Fern and I a perfect
opportunity to catch up on what had happened over the past year.
John stayed behind to catch up on some routine maintenance.

This trip proved that RV Travels are enhanced if you include
visits with family/friends along the way. Just south of Calgary
we combined a laneway camping stop with a very creative friend
Marcy and her family. This was a wonderful opportunity to teach
Kayla how to create crafty gifts for her family and friends back
home --- a much-needed diversion from all the adults at the house.

With pre-planning it may be possible to coincide a getaway with
local festivals or flea markets and/or attractions in a specific

Those who stop at large campgrounds that feature hayrides,
nature walks, bingos or craft days, horseshoe or shuffleboard
tournaments, periodic dances or evening entertainment can add
yet one more dimension to their travels. Many of these activities
range from free to low-cost for park residents. Some parks
routinely offer a craft sharing session where everyone brings
their favorite project to teach others; it may also include
learning a new craft for a small fee designed for kids of all
ages. Tune in next month for more tips.

Peggi and John are RV Lifestyle Consultants, Webhosts of the
Information Site For ALL RVers -www.rvliving.net. Peggi is author
of Spirit of the Open Road and free e-books RV Living: Facts, Tips,
Hints and More. Vol I and II. Early in 2004 Peggi's new book
RVLiving in the 21st Century will be released. Pricing and release
date will be featured on her website. 21st Century includes the
best of Spirit plus seven years of updates. Spirit will remain
on sale (call 1800 999 0819 to order) until RV Living in the 21st
Century is ready for purchase.


Arm Troubles

A man went to visit his doctor. "Doc, my arm hurts bad. Can you
check it out please?" the man pleads.
The doctor rolls up the man's sleeve and suddenly hears the arm
talk. "Hello, Doctor" says the arm. "Could you lend me twenty
bucks please? I'm desperate!"

"Aha!'' says the doctor.

''I see the problem. Your arm is broke!"

Bacon in My Ear

A guy walks into a doctor's office. He has a sausage coming out
of his ear, a waffle coming out of his nose, and bacon coming
out of his other ear. He says worriedly, "Doc, what's wrong
with me?"
The doctor replies, "You're not eating properly!"



Les Doll - RV Technician

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