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How To RV Maintenance ManualBeat the high cost of RV repair shops

For the Novice RV owner ...

Do the math ... 

Cost to move the RV to and from the repair shop ... $0 to $100's depending on how far you have to go and what the value of your time is ...and if you are on vacation, now how valuable is your time? ... and who knows when you could schedule a service appointment?

Hourly rate charged by the repair shop ... $80 to $110 per hour (or more) ...

Cost of My Do-It-Yourself Guide to RV Maintenance ... only $9.95 - Now FREE for my readers!

One trip to the repair shop will cost you well over $100 on labor charges, just for a minor maintenance chore.

With this e-manual you could do some (or all) of those maintenance jobs yourself, even if you have no previous experience.

Note: This manual has basic information and is intended for the novice and casual RV owner - if you need to overhaul your engine, rebuild your generator or need information on other advanced topics ... this manual is not for you.

Can You do-it-Yourself?

RV maintenance is not rocket science and if you have one or two hands, a brain, and some basic tools, then you can do it!

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to RV Maintenance is filled with pictures and diagrams and is interactive. Just click on any highlighted link to go to that task immediately.

Usually a screwdriver or a pair of pliers are all the tools that are needed. Sometimes a wrench or two may be required. You should have a basic tool kit on-board at all times anyway. If you don't have a tool kit, then you should not buy this manual! (A list of recommended tools and basic supplies is included in the manual)

This manual is constantly updated with new articles and maintenance techniques, as I write them. All suggestions are welcome and the good ones will be used to improve the manual.


Download your RV Maintenance Manual immediately!  

...even if you are working on your RV at three in the morning (who does that?)

But, you can still download the Do-It-Yourself Guide to RV Maintenance at any time, day or night. Even at three in the morning!

Do-It-Yourself Guide to RV Maintenance

  • This is NOT an outdated printed manual and no paper edition will be mailed to you. 
  • Full electronic version allows instant updates. 
  • The ONLY on-line RV Maintenance Manual on the internet. (go ahead, search around!) 
  • Diagnose any RV appliance problem. 
  • Keep your systems up and running. 
  • RV Wiring Made Easy (tow vehicle wiring explained)
  • Bonus! - RV Winterizing ebook and video included in the manual
  • New Bonus! - 10 RV Maintenance Videos  (see titles)

Mac Users: This is an Abobe PDF program and will work on a Mac ... welcome Mac users! iPad users will need a PDF reader to open the ebook. If one is not pre-installed you can get a free reader from Adobe at: or there are other free ones on the web.


RV Maintenance Manual 
Note: The image above is a digital ebook cover. You will get a "downloadable" digital (PDF) copy — not a physical product mailed out in the post. Just wanna clarify that. :-) 
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Note: This manual has basic user information and is intended for the novice and casual RV owner - if you need to overhaul your engine, rebuild your generator or need information on other advanced topics ... this manual is not for you.

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